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Fido aim to be Uber's number 1 Hybrid Supplier

Fido to be number 1 for Uber Hybrid rentals

Fido has secured a deal with Toyota to help them become Australia's leading Hybrid official Uber Rideshare rental provider. "Hybrids have always been one of the best options for people using their vehicle for drive for reward", General manager of Fido Nick Boucher stated. " The past issue in Australia has been two-fold; availability and overall cost have meant the vehicles weren't a viable option for Fido's quick rotational fleet of brand new vehicles. However we have worked together over the last few months to be able to secure Rav4, Camry and Corolla for our rental locations in Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane."

Vehicles will be limited initially, with more vehicles coming in through the next few months. Enquire now to ensure you can collect your Toyota Hybrid uber rental.

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