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Fido FAQs

What requirements do I need to join?

Do I need a good credit rating?

What kind of documents do I require?

Are there any extra costs?

Are there any additional charges when the vehicle is returned?

What happens if I am involved in a car accident?

Do you have proper insurance?

Who is responsible for the damage?

What is the minimum vehicle hire?

Can I drive my car for personal use?

What if I want to leave town for a week or more?

What if I don't bring my vehicle in when asked?

Rideshare FAQs

Why should I rent a car for rideshare driving?

Why go Hybrid?

What countries do Uber and Ola operate?

Do Uber drivers require any extra training?

What is the difference between Uber and Ola?

Where are Fido Rideshare Rental Locations

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