FIDO Subscription

Why buy when you can SUBSCRIBE!

Why Subscribe?

Simple Car Ownership

When buying a car you commit yourself financially for long periods of time. In that time you have additional costs such as Interest, Servicing and Maintenance, Tyres, Insurance, Registration Renewal and one of the biggest costs is depreciation. When you subscribe to our service you have one easy payment, fortnightly or monthly. Once you finish your term you can either get another brand new vehicle or you can change the model of car to adapt to your lifestyle at that time.

Not available to rideshare, peer to peer or delivery customers.

Subscription for business

The tax-effective way to do more with your money

There many advantages to subscription for business over leasing or purchasing the vehicle. Cost, Risk, Time, Tax are just some of the things that can be reduced with a business subscription.

Subscription Vehicles

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